We’re working on creating the ultimate resource for finding Ottawa apartments, homes and condos for rent. Our site will soon feature an in depth, interactive, searchable database of Ottawa real estate for rent. As we gear up and continue building out our database, we’d like to point you in the right direction to a few sites where you can currently search for apartments for rent in Ottawa.

These resources should tide you over in the meantime:

Helpful Resources For Finding Ottawa Apartment Rentals

Kijiji: You’ll find a huge number of apartments for rent in Ottawa here on Kijiji. Listings on Kijiji (aside from the main featured listings) are totally free, so you’ll notice a larger number of basement and duplex/triplex apartments listed here than you would on other paid sites. The only downside to Kijiji is their search feature isn’t the greatest so it may take you some time to hunt out that perfect Ottawa apartment. You should also be very aware of scams when searching for apartments for rent on sites like Kijiji or Craigslist. Read this info from the University of Ottawa about online apartment fraud before you commit to anything.

GottaRent.com: This site is much more user friendly than Kijiji, but unfortunately doesn’t have quite as many listings. There are usually 300-400 apartments here though, so there is still quite a bit list that you can easily search through. If you don’t have as much time to search, this might be your best bet for finding an Ottawa apartment rental that’s right for you.

Easy Roommate Canada: If you are a student or looking for roommates, this online roommate finder is a great resource for finding rommates in Ottawa, Ontario. Or any city in Canada for that matter.

Resources for Finding Condos and Homes for Sale in Ottawa, Ontario

We know buying a home is not something everyone can afford. But with low intrerest rates these days, we would highly advise you to consider this as an option instead of renting an Ottawa apartment. By getting into real estate and owning your home, you’re not just throwing money away every month. Instead, you’re investing your money into something that you will actually own. Contact your bank to see if you have the means to get a mortgage. While some areas of Ottawa are quite expensive, you will find there are some affordable housing options if you don’t mind a bit of a commute to downtown Ottawa.

OttawaRealEstate.ca: If you are looking to find Ottawa homes for sale, this site is a great resource. They have a complete Ottawa MLS search and also allow you to sign up for email alerts and notifications that will alert you anytime a new property comes on the market that matches your search criteria. They also have a section on Ottawa condos if you are looking for to buy a condo. This might be a good option for some apartment seekers if you have the money but aren’t neccessarily comfortable with the idea of owning and maintaining a house of your own.